Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Oh Mah Gaahhhh!" or "Let's See How Many Xmas Images I Can Shove Into One Post =P"

Talk about coincidencescesces! Remember this blog entry from yesterday?

Well today I was Google Image searching for a desktop wallpaper, just using the words "Christmas wallpaper", when I landed on this! Squee!

Anyway, so I went over to Balderdash today when I received a notice about the new Christmas trees. And they truly are very lovely. If you haven't seen these yet, here's a shot of them:

Eeenie, meenie, miney, moe...

Sigh...once again, my photo-taking skills (or lack thereof) have failed to capture the beauty of yet another creator's products, which is all the more reason for you to go see the trees for yourself. While you are at it, join Saiyge Lotus' group, if you haven't already! Since it's a convenient S-O-M, I would call this a no-brainer.

I love coming here to shop and explore, and I'm fairly certain that was why all the hard work was put into this sim. ;) If I were to classify Balderdash, and the Oubliette sim itself, under a genre, I think I'd put it under the "high fantasy" category. But I'm afraid that if I do that it would dash my hopes of finding such an enchanting, lovely environment in my too cold, real world.

There are elements to the sim that aren't just imaginary! Here's a pic of the aurora borealis I stumbled on fairly recently! Obviously, that's not imaginary! It's very real indeed! So maybe I can still have that hope.

(Plz see previous comment regarding crap photo skills)

3) Now *this* is what a log cabin should look like!

Actually this is the "Winx Redwood Cottage", which is a very charming house built out of a very large log and is available for purchase, should you decide to take home some of the fantasy found in Oubliette and live in it!

Lastly, since I'm on the subject of "fantasy", here is an image I worked on today that highlights 2 things: Terry Pratchett, and one of my favorite times of the year ;)

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